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Local Moves

Are you worried about moving stuff from one place to another location within the city? Although it seems easy as you are shifting within the city but it can be stressful so we offer local moves service where we will safely move your belongings to the new place very quickly.

Long Distance Moves

Doesn’t matter if you are shifting from one place to another that is far away like in another city. We got you covered and help move your stuff over long distances. We have the equipment and everything needed to offer you a hassle-free long-distance move.

Commercial Move

One of our services is a commercial move in which we can pack and shift all your office equipment to a new location. We will ensure the safety of the stuff as office equipment consists of electronic devices and important documentation. We can help you in commercial moves.

Professional Packing

Packing is the most important step in shifting or relocation as it is the thing that ensures the safety of your belongings. We do professional packing of your stuff so it does not get damaged along the way and can easily be unpacked at the new location.

Home Cleaning

While shifting to a new location other than relocating one problem can be a clean house or office. We offer cleaning services too so prior to shifting stuff we will clean your new place and then relocate your stuff so it feels like home when you get there.

Veteran Moves

Road Runner Got the Moves offers veteran moving service and we provide needed care for the equipment while the shifting process. So, doesn’t matter if you are a veteran we can still offer our relocation services to you. All you need to do is book our services.

Shifting-Domestic, Commercial & Cleaning

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